Velcro source for Green Froggy Camp wooden yurt

So sorry I had lost the email from someone who asked about the Velcro that we used on our green OSB yurt.

Purchased WBC brand 6″ wide by 25 yard rolls.  You need to order a roll of HOOK and a roll of LOOP at ~$43/roll.  Comes in all sort of widths incase this does not work for you.

Yurt was built with 1/2″ OSB with foil laminated on one side. We painted the wood with two coats to seal it .

Used 6″ wide LOOP folded in half over the panel edges and stapled in place.   On the 6 walls we only put LOOP tape on 3 edges.  Roof triangles have LOOP tape on all three edges.  Have since added washer and bolted it in place.

Cut 6 pieces of 2″ by 45″ HOOK tape, folded in half (HOOKs out)  and top stitched.   Use these to hold the bottom of the roof panels on the top of the walls so they don’t slide off.

Use 4″ wide HOOK for put the roof panels together and 6″‘ HOOK for the side wall/ roof to wall tops.  4″ and 6″ strips are cut the length of your walls (remember to mark them for easy of assemb.). Cut 12 or 15 pieces 6″ by 4″ at the least to use on the inside to hold things in place while you adjust your yurt.

Green Froggy Camp