AEZ Art Gallery Introduction

I would like to introduce myself. I am Katie, a mosaic & mural artist and this will be my fourth year camping with the AEZ (8th year attending Burning Man). I’ve been in talks with Clay, the new Mayor about creating an Art Gallery for the AEZ. Our goal is to show the people of the playa the diversity of the AEZ and that we are more than a great example of how to live off the grid.
We are currently working on a layout for the gallery which will be part of the Mayor’s Camp and close to the tower. I’ve checked into getting on the ARTery tour, but for a few reasons we wouldn’t qualify. However, I would like to sign up in the WhoWhatWhereWhen book and give daily tours, maybe at 11am after the AEZ solar tour (depending on if that is when they will do their tour). I will head those up but would also welcome volunteers that may want to take a shift here and there.
Please contact me if you are interested in displaying your art. We are looking for all kinds of art- painting, photography, mixed media, sculpture, you name it, the more variety the better! I don’t want this to be daunting- the artwork doesn’t have to be big or extravagant. Think of the artwork in center camp. Ideally it would be inspired by this year’s them Cargo Cult.
Spread the word to your camp mates and message me with any ideas or suggestions you may have. I’d like to get an idea in the next month or so of how many participants we will have and what kind of art you plan to bring. We have a design of how we will display 2D art and will be working on infrastructure of how to display other pieces. Any and all suggestions are welcome!