Roger’s Message

Hi Village,
I wanted to both announce my retirement and introduce the new Alternative Energy Zone village Mayor.  CLAY!

I feel rather parental about the AEZ.  I think we have some wonderful, honest, thoughtful, caring, creative, WILD folks here.  My years in the AEZ have been filled with wonderful times, astounding experiences, and delightful people.

But I do not feel that way about some people in the BMorg.  That feeling, coupled with the ticket nastiness and the increased police presence on the playa have pushed me to the point where the “bad” outweighs the “good”.  I felt this way back in April but did not feel it appropriate to abandon you (by leaving you without a new Mayor in place.)

Clay has been in our village for years, his name was suggested, he volunteered to step up; AND was acclaimed by many in the village as a great choice.  That last one is an essential quality of the AEZ.  (I like that we actually do things that the village asks for.)

I promised Clay I will be there for him (if he ASKS); but I don’t expect him to need much help from me.  He’s a building contractor in Reno, and (from the short time he had to follow me around and see how I did it) will be able to handle everything smoothly.  I feel that Clay HAS both the tech skills AND the people skills that running our village requires.  I am especially happy that his name was tossed around, and I heard NO remarks of, “I don’t want him”.  Not from ANY corners.

Villagers, my apologies, but I am treating this village  like a 12 yr old kid.  I have done a lot, guided, suggested, bullied, teased, fed, dressed, drove, fixed, and taught all I could.  Now it is time for me to step back, sit on my hands and see what this wonderful child will do on it’s own.   It will be nice (for me) if it goes in a direction I pushed; but it is now time for YOU to decide for yourself.   As parent, I am quite proud of what the AEZ has become; and I expect to be even more proud of wherever it goes next.

have fun, write if you need anything. (or to report special successes.)

jolly “yes, permanently this time” roger,  ex-mayor – the Alternative Energy Zone village

PS; yes, I will be on the email list
no, Neither Anna nor I will be back on the playa this year. (maybe never again.)
And, YES, Clay will be running all the details that you have gone to me for in the past.