Camping Check List -l&g’s

Started using Jill’s list and it evolved into this.  We use this for ourselves and give it to our newby campmates.

#1 Don’t forget your Burning Man Tickets!

Personal Gear

  1. Gear carries and keeps well on the playa in plastic bins (preferable the kind that will shed water if it rains) Also, you can just sit them outside your tent and keep dust off. One for food, another for clothing, etc.
  2. Flashlights, headlamps
  3. Batteries (rechargeable) -Battery rechargers
  4. Camera
  5. Ice cooler (Stock it with frozen water bottles instead of loose ice)
  6. Water! 2 gallons a day per person (Drinking and cooking/cleaning and misting yourself)
  7. 1-2 gallons for each shower (just figure out how many showers you are going to take.)


  1. Hat
  2. Headlamp
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Contacts, extra contacts
  5. Extra contact solution, etc
  6. Prescription glasses (you will need a break from your contacts)
  7. Hair ties and clips
  8. Jewelry
  9. Really light loose fun stuff for the day.
  10. Warm stuff for at night. A big FoFur is ideal.
  11. Sandals
  12. Covered shoes
  13. Socks
  14. Bandanas/handkerchiefs


  1. Solar Camp shower bag
  2. Bio-soap (Dr. Bronner’s)
  3. Toothbrush
  4. Toothpaste
  5. Lotions, oils
  6. Body scents
  7. Small mirror
  8. Hair brush, comb (HA! goodluck)
  9. Tweezers
  10. Nail clippers
  11. Bath towel
  12. Wash cloths
  13. Moist towelettes/WIPES
  14. WIPES or Paper towels-Good substitute for using a lot of water for personal hygiene and for cleaning DISHES. You can dry them and burn them before you leave.
  15. Tissues, toilet paper
  16. Plastic bags for unused and used tampons
  17. Tampons, pads, grrrl supplies

NOTE: Do not throw used tampons in the port-a-
potties! Nothing goes into the potties unless it has
gone through your digestive track first. Except
single ply TP. Bring small ziploc bags and dispose
in your own garbage in your own camp.


  1. Tent
  2. Rebar instead of regular tent stakes
  3. Tarp for under tent
  4. Shade for your tent
  5. Sleeping bag and/or Blankets, sheets
  6. Pillow(Nice to have a few extra pillow cases)
  7. Air-mattress + Repair kit OR poly camp pad
  8. Ear plugs
  9. Eye cover mask


  1. Condoms, lubricants
  2. Your prescription meds (bring extra)
  3. Headache meds
  4. FirstAid-Kit (Band-aids and antibacterial cream)
  5. There is a medical camp with doctors if needed.
  6. Vitamins

(never leave camp without it Kinda stuff)
Bring a bag to carry this stuff

Daytime TOTE

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Dust mask, goggles
  4. Lip balm
  5. Plastic baggies with tampons and wipes
  6. Camera
  7. Handkerchief
  8. Water bottle
  9. Drinking cup (Bring your own in case you want a drink at someone’s camp)
  10. Don’t forget your condoms
  11. Moop collecting bags (plastic grocery bags)

 Night-time TOTE

  1. Flashlight
  2. Dust mask, goggles
  3. Lip balm
  4. Plastic baggies with tampons and wipes
  5. Camera
  6. Handkerchief
  7. Waterbottle
  8. Drinking cup (Bring your own in case you want a
  9. drink at someone’s camp)
  10. Condoms (yep I listed it again)
  11. Moop collecting bags (plastic grocery bags)

Bike (Bring a crappy one if you can.)

  1. Give it a checkup and test ride the week before you go
  2. Bike lights,(bike lights are so you don’t get run over or into at night!!!!!)
  3. Bike bell or ringer thingy ( really good to chime out when you are in a white out!!!)
  4. Extra padding for the seat (or your bum will hurt after riding)
  5. Bike lock (yes, bikes will get stolen or just borrowed and not returned, even in your camp)
  6. Baskets, milk crate, rack for carrying ice to camp (Can use a back pack too)
  7. Bike tool kit and repair book
  8. Bike pump
  9. Spare tires and tubes (another must)
  10. Tire repair kit
  11. Other spare parts
  12. Bike decorations (This will help prevent your bike from being stolen)

General Camp Stuff

  1. Lawn chairs
  2. Old rugs, small pieces of carpet
  3. Table
  4. Solar path lights
  5. Trash Bags
  6. Zip Lock bags of all sizes
  7. Moop collecting bags (plastic grocery bags)

Shade Structures (this is our list -your will depend on what you make)

  1. Tarps, poles (electrical conduit works)
  2. Aluminet Shade Cloth
  3. Shade cloth grommets
  4. Rebar
  5. Rope, variety of weights/sizes (bring lots)
  6. Something to cover rebar and stake ends such as plastic soda bottles, tennis balls, small stuffed animals etc (protect our feet!)

Tools, fasteners, fixits, etc.

  1. Bungee cords
  2. Zip ties
  3. Duct tape
  4. Super Glue
  5. Regular hammer
  6. Small sledge hammer
  7. Leather work gloves (important!)
  8. Safety pins
  9. Rubber Bands
  10. Clothes Pins
  11. Velcro fasteners
  12. Exacto Knife

Automobile (and driving to the playa)

  1. Give the auto a checkup a week before
  2. Bring spare keys!
  3. Jumper cables if you have them.
  4. Directions to the Playa.
  5. Map
  6. GAs -make sure you have enough gas to leave the playa and get to a gas station

WATCH FOR SPEED LIMITS! After you exit freeway at
Wadsworth the police are just waiting for you to go
over speed limit. They make a LOT of money
ticketing Burners! if it says 25MPH then go 25
NOT 27! I’m not kidding.

Food prep
How much you need of this depends on how much
prep your food needs.

  1. Ice Cooler (cover it in Reflectix and your ice will keep twice as long)
  2. Camp cook stove
  3. Stove Fuel
  4. Lighters (long one for stove)
  5. Paper Plates and bowls
  6. Tea Kettle
  7. Coffee filters
  8. Cups and/or coffee mugs with lids
  9. Compost-able plastic wear
  10. Small wash tub for dishes, Pump sprayer for washing dishes OR WIPES!
  11. Dr. Bronners soap
  12. Paper Towels
  13. Dish towels
  14. Ziploc bags in several sizes
  15. Garbage bags (large and small)
  16. Mesh bag like an old onion bag for drying wet garbage/or composting
  17. Paper bags for burnable trash
  18. Large pot w/lid
  19. Small pot w/lid
  20. Griddle
  21. Spatula
  22. Wooden spoon
  23. Sharp knife
  24. Can Opener
  25. Bottle Opener
  26. Cork Screw
  27. Cutting Board
  28. Coffee Pot
  29. Sugar, Honey
  30. Salt & Pepper
  31. Water Cooler (just because we have one)

Food Ideas
Most of these are vegetarian:

  1. Juice (canned juices like Kern’s freeze very well and can be used to help keep your cooler cold. -But we don’t take them anymore because we don’t eat corn syrup) also, Vegetable juices like V8
  2. Cold cereal, instant Oatmeal
  3. Coffee, Tea, herbal teas
  4. Coffee creamer
  5. Sugar, honey
  6. EmergenC or vitamin C powder for drinks
  7. Canned and dried soup
  8. Bagels , breads (Bread drys out quickly and molds)
  9. Crackers (they keep very fresh in the dry desert)
  10. Powerbars, granola bars
  11. Dried fruit
  12. Nuts
  13. Beets
  14. Cream Cheese
  15. Fig Newtons (Cause Laura likes ‘em)
  16. Licorice bites (Cause Greg likes ‘em)
  17. Granola
  18. Peanut butter
  19. Jams
  20. Yogurt
  21. Olives
  22. Canned foods
  23. Soups
  24. Miso
  25. Boiled eggs
  26. Potatoes
  27. Onions
  28. Carrots
  29. Cucumbers
  30. Fresh fruit (Oranges, lemons and apples)
  31. Melons (Taste great but be aware of all the left
  32. over skins etc. that you will need to carry home)
  33. Pancake mix (Add water only kind works great)
  34. Maple Syrup
  35. Veggie Dogs, sausages
  36. Veggie Burgers
  37. Marinated Tofu
  38. Mustard
  39. Relish
  40. Pickles
  41. Powdered Hummus (or prepped- just keep cool)
  42. Dried soups (lentils, split peas -mix some miso with them)
  43. Pesto
  44. Pasta (Easy to prepare, messy to clean up)
  45. Butter, Margarine and olive oil
  46. Bag of salad (keeps maybe 2 days)
  47. Instant Thai or Indian
  48. Trader Joes has lots of nearly no prep foods

Some foods keep well in cooler longer if you wait
to open them. Once opened they will spoil
quickly.So, open it when your ready to eat it all!

Fun stuff

  1. iPod with portable speakers
  2. Portable FM Radios (for listening to Burningman radio stations)
  3. Walky-talky radios
  4. Frisbee, football, softball and gloves etc.
  5. Playing Cards
  6. Gifts (something you would like to give people)
  7. Art project items
  8. Scissors
  9. Glue, paste, clear tape
  10. Markers, pens, paper
  11. Paints, body paints
  12. Musical instruments, drums, flutes
  13. Umbrella (for sun or rain) Not really practical
  14. Face paint
  15. Glow sticks ( the kind with batteries rather than disposable)
  16. El wire projects, etc
  17. Incense
  18. Books
  19. Notebook
  20. Nail Polish
  21. Scrabble or other games

Ice, Water, Dry Ice
How much water you need is dependent on how much you will drink, cook with and clean with. Minimum suggestion is 1 1/2 gallons per person per day. If you plan on doing camp showers then that could easily add gallons to your count. If you do showers then you need to consider grey water evaporation systems or filter your shower water and treat if before dumping it on the playa. Same goes for food clean up. No dumping anything but water on the playa.

Freezing water in bottles (make sure you don’t fill them completely because they will expand) and filling your coolers with them will keep your coolers more dry. Also, canned juices freeze well too. Dry ice is a good alternative too. Read up on it.

If you don’t want to haul water all the way from home, you can stop in Fernly and get all the water, ice and dry ice you need at Scolari’s grocery. They also have dispensers for large 5 gallon bottles. Scolari’s is the 2nd exit past Wadsworth in Fernley.
You can purchase ice at the event startingMonday.


Last but not least.  Bring your open mind and heart.  Don’t bring your expectations.  You are going to have an adventure, watch for it!