Welcome to the AEZ

Hello villagers & friendly visitors.

Welcome to the AEZ website.

If you are exploring for lots of tips, info, and being generator free on the playa, you’ll find it all OVER this website. Look at the tabs at the top of the page.  Or search for what you are interested in.

Camping in the AEZ

If you are interested in doing Burning Man with friendly folk (mostly), and without generators (ever); then you have come to a good place.

We are now at 320 (in 53 camps).
Not bad for April 16th.

If you want to camp in the AEZ, go to the Village Camping page.

You are always welcome to send me a message.

We have struggled (as MANY of you have) with the ticketing problems.  Sadly, we do NOT have any more direct ticket links.  And you are welcome to register to camp with us even if you do not yet have your tickets.