Setting up camp – arranging your space

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It’s wonderful to see the camps spring up! One day it’s bare playa, a few days later, it’s a village! From

the smallest ‘minimalist’ lean-to anchored to the compact car to giant camp conglomerates, each camp provides areas for sleeping, storage of food and clothing, cooking, eating, and clean up, whether as separate, defined areas or multi-purpose spaces.

Building your camp with some organized concept in mind will help you enjoy yourself on the playa. You don’t want to spend hours trying to find stuff. But don’t be so inflexible that you have to spend hours organizing your stuff! (Bringing less stuff is helpful here)

Divide up your camp space into areas with designated purposes. Put things back in the same place every time after you use them. This way you’ll at least have some idea where to look for things.

Almost all camps have a multi-purpose space that gets used for sitting, socializing, eating, and resting. All you need is a few chairs and maybe a small table. Let’s call this room “the parlor“.

What about food preparation and/or food storage? You can have a large elaborate set up or something simple. You will want space for your coolers that is protected from the sun.

Make your vehicle part of your camp. Use it for theft-protected, ‘low dust’ storage. Position the vehicle doors for easy access from the rest of your camp. Your vehicle can also be a small space for social activities like safety meetings or good shelter during dust storms. A vehicle can also provide a windbreak: park it on the windward side of camp.

Where will you sleep? An enclosed space like a tent or vehicle can be a challenge to keep cool if you plan on sleeping when the sun is shining. On the other hand, well-anchored tents and vehicles can provide a safe haven for sleeping during windy, dusty conditions. Set up your camp with options for sleeping.