Making the most of your playa arrival

But suddenly remember the warning disclaimers on the ticket…you recall the admonishments of the harsh playa conditions…”Shouldn’t I take water with me? What if a dust storm comes up? Oh, where are my goggles? My lip balm? Aaarrgh!”

After riding in your vehicle for hours, your first footstep onto the playa is one of sheer joy! Anybody loves that feeling, “I’m here! I’m here!”

Beautiful, interesting sights and sounds greet you in all directions. So much to explore!

You might be tempted to tear off all your clothes and run out onto the playa in celebration. Perhaps a passing parade catches your eye.

With the refrain of “Born free, as free as the wind blows...” singing in your head, you explode from your vehicle and hit the playa running.

You return to your vehicle, and start rummaging for your basic playa survival needs. The amount of stuff in your vehicle overwhelms you. You can’t find your goggles. You start unpacking, searching.

One thing leads to another…and the next thing you know, mired under the mound of junk you’ve unpacked, you have forgotten to celebrate your playa arrival!

It doesn’t have to be like this! When you pack your vehicle at home, prepare for your playa arrival! The last thing to go in should be your Playa Survival Pack.

With your Playa Survival Pack ready to go, you can frolic and cavort the minute you hit the playa. Packing and setting up camp can wait a bit, eh?

Plus a fully equipped, ready-to-go Playa Survival Pack is your key to spontaneous fun every day of your burning experience.

What is a Playa Survival Pack? It is a small day pack or tote bag with all your basic playa needs. Pack it at home and have it ready to go the minute you hit the playa.

And before you take off in celebration of your playa arrival, make a note of where your vehicle is parked, lock it up, and put the keys somewhere safe and sensible. Don’t take your keys with you on the playa: hide them somewhere on the vehicle or in a tent.

Be smart. Bring spare keys. Turn in found keys to Playa Info.