Jill’s Check off Camping List

Sleeping Items

Sleeping bags, liners
Blankets, sheets
Pillows, pillow cases
Cots (great for naps or extra seating)
Pads, foam, air beds, etc.
Jammies, robe, slippers
Ear plugs, eye cover mask
Solar powered fan?

Light up the Night

Flashlights, headlamps
Batteries (rechargeable)
Solar panels, inverters , wire, etc
Wind generator and tower
Battery rechargers
Candle lanterns
Buy more candles
Solar path lights
Large clear plastic bags (to cover solar lights from the dust)
Other solar, battery lights
El wire projects, etc
Glow sticks


Tarps, poles (electrical conduit works)
Aluminet Shade Cloth
Shade cloth grommets
Tents, yurts, domes, etc

(also great to protect autos and gear from the sun’s heat)

Old sheets and large fabric pieces

Old rugs, small pieces of carpet
Old tarps with holes and blown grommets (good to cover the dusty ground in camp)
Decoratively painted heavy canvas panels for ground covers
Flag, banners, and flagpole

Stakes, rebar with bent tops
Rope, variety of weights/sizes (bring lots)
Bungee cords
Adjustable webbing straps with buckles
Zip ties

Something to cover rebar and stake ends such as plastic soda bottles, tennis balls,

small stuffed animals

etc (protect our feet!)

Something to mark stakes and ropes at night such as reflective ribbon, flashers etc (people run into them otherwise)

Big sheet of plastic (for gray water catch basin)
Boards–2 by 4s etc, short and long, to form basin rim

Shower platform (small piece of sturdy plywood and a few short 2 by 4s–keeps your feet out of the scum)
Bath mat to prevent slipping and slivers?

Stake puller tool
Heavy duty construction magnet for picking up loose screws etc
Regular hammer
Small sledge hammer
Shovel, spade, rake


step stool
Campsite clean up tools
Leather work gloves (important!)


Check your license, registration, tags, insurance papers, and all lights, flashers etc (be legal!)
Give the auto a checkup a week before
Check your spare tire, jack, etc

Bring spare keys!

Extra oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, air filter, fuses, light bulbs
Tools, spare parts
Spare gas (many gas stations close early in small towns–don’t get stuck if you drive at night)
Chains (in case of muddy playa)
Fire extinguishers (always good to have one in your vehicle! check once a year to see if fully charged)


Give it a checkup and test ride the week before you go
Bike lights, front and back

bike lights are a must

Bike bell or ringer thingy
Extra padding for the seat (do you like to ride nekkid?)

Bike lock

(don’t be a statistic)
Bike trailer?
Baskets, milk crate, rack
Bike tool kit and repair book
Bike pump
Spare tires and tubes (another must)
Tire repair kit
Other spare parts

Bike decorations – Not things that shed like streamers, glitter, etc

Leave No Trace

Multipurpose Repair Kit

Duct tape, baling wire
Sandpaper, steel wool
Needles and heavy thread
Grommet repair kit
Shoe Goo or some such
Super Glue
Self Stick Nylon Fabric Repair Kit
Repair kit for your air bed/pad

Fun stuff

Tickets to Burning Man~~~!

Portable FM Radios (for listening to KAEZ and other radio stations)
Walky-talky radios (register your frequency at


Frisbee, football, softball and gloves etc.
Dice, cards, books
Toys and games
Gifts for all your new friends
Art project items
Glue, paste, clear tape
Markers, pens, paper
Clear contact paper
Paints, body paints

Musical instruments, drums

An open mind

Mail box – don’t anger the Disgruntled Postal Workers!

Camera (disposable?)
Canned air (don’t leave in the sun!)

Personal Stuff

Solar shower
Towels and washcloths
Non-scented shampoo and bio-soap
Sunscreen, sunblock spf 50
Lotions, massage oil
Bag balm (great for feet!)
Nasal spray for cleaning out those playa boogers
Lip balm, chapstick

Kleenex, toilet paper
Moist towelettes like baby wipes, wet ones, handi-wipes, etc.
(great for quick clean ups!)


bring an extra pair too!

Contacts, extra contacts
Extra contact solution, etc
Prescription glasses (you will need a break from your contacts)

Toothbrush and toothpaste
Hair brush, comb
Hair ties and clips
Makeup and body glitter
Jewelry, body scents
Small mirror

Dust masks, goggles, respirator etc
Umbrella (for sun or rain)

Tampons, pads, grrrl supplies
NOTE: do not throw used tampons in the port-a-potties! Bring small ziploc bags and dispose in your own garbage. Burning Man will get shut down if we keep throwing these things in the potties..

Condoms, lubricants, solar power vibrators and other useful items you might want or need — or wish you needed .

Small day pack or tote

For carrying around when you go out
See the

Playa Survival Pack

External Hang Tag

with your name and camp location in case your pack gets separated from you.

First Aid Kit

Your prescription meds (bring extra)

Band-aids, butterfly bandages, elastic bandages

Athletic tape

(a must for drummers!)
Moleskin, blister packs
Tweezers, needle
Rubbing alcohol, witch hazel
Sunburn help (Aloe Vera)
Liquid Bandage
Aspirin, other pain killers
Eye drops (plain and “red out”)
Medications, herbs
Herbal teas (bring a selection for sore throat, sour stomach, anxiety, etc)


Hankies (multipurpose item)
Dresses and skirts (unisex)
Big straw hat with chin strap
Old tennis shoes (bring extra comfy shoes)
Flip-flops, sandals
Undies and sox (

extra sox

Shorts, Tank tops
Tights and comfy sweat pants
Raincoat (yes, it can rain)
Warm clothes (brrrrr!)

Oversized cotton or silk long-sleeved shirts for sun protection

Costumes (hit your local thrift shop — bring costumes you can *layer* to deal with the wide variety of temperatures)
Togas, loin cloths, sarongs, cloaks, capes
Large pieces of lightweight fabric (can be tied into a variety of costumes)
Long johns, tights (good under costumes on cold nights!)

Set of straight clothes for going home (pack these clothes in a big Ziploc bag and don’t get them out until you leave)

Laundry bag for dirty clothes


Camp cook stove
Propane (large and small for backup)
Small portable barbeque
Hot pads, trivets
Lighters (long one for stove)

Pots, fry pans, and lids
Spatula, rubber scraper
Big spoon, slotted spoon
Knives, large and small
Cutting board

Plates and bowls
Coffee filters and cone
Cups and coffee mugs with lids
Cooking oil, salt and pepper etc

Wash tub for dishes
Scrubby thing and bio-dish soap
Towels and rags

Pump up sprayer thing:

(buy a new one: don’t use one that has been used with toxins)
This sprayer is multipurpose for washing dishes, cooling off, or bathing

Buckets with lids

Paper towels, napkins
Tin foil, Ziploc bags in several sizes
Garbage bags (large and small)
Mesh bag like an old onion bag for wet garbage (dry it!)

Lawn chairs
Folding table, tablecloth
Small cheap hammock (makes a great place to put food, dishes to dry etc)


5 gallons a day per person is great if you can bring it! (showers, drinking, cooling, etc)

Personal water bottles (bring several)
Water jugs (5 gallons, etc)
Water barrels (15 gallons?)
Siphon set up for the barrels

Things to eat

Keep your food simple: easy to prepare and easy to digest (light)

The playa is not a good place to experiment with a whole new diet. The port-a-potties are not a good place to hang out.

Bring fewer perishables than you think you will eat: chances are, many perishables will go to waste.

Cold cereal, hot cereal
Soy milk (Some kinds don’t need refrigeration)
Coffee, Tea, herbal teas
Powered milk, coffee creamer
Sugar, honey
Fruit, canned and fresh
Veggies like carrot sticks (wash and cut up all vegetables at home)

Juice (canned juices like Kern’s freeze very well and can be used to help keep your cooler cold)

Tang, other powdered drink mixes (to help encourage you to drink enough fluid — believe it or not, this is a *real* problem on the playa)

Canned and dried soup
Cup a noodles, other instant meals
Bagels (more durable than regular bread)

Cream cheese, butter
Peanut butter and jam
Powerbars and such
Dried fruit, raisins, etc
Gorp, granola, soy nuts
Other quick snack foods
Beer (avoid glass bottles)
Other alcoholic beverages
(Remember, alcohol *is* a poison. It is also dehydrating. Drink in moderation and you will enjoy BM without a hangover!)
Mixers, fresh limes, olives