Rebar Shapes

Candy cane rebar is a lie

There is link on the BM website That talks about how to bend rebar, and specifically mentions Professor Flubber’s Patented Kandy-Kane Rebar Method! :

What you need is your three-foot lengths of rebar, and two long pieces of steel pipe to slip over the end, 4 feet long at least, the longer the better. Place one pipe on the ground and brace the far end against your house or anything else vertical and solid. Slip your rebar stake into the pipe so that about 4-6 inches are sticking out of the end. Take the other pipe and put this over the short end of the rebar that’s sticking out, and crank the thing over until you have made a candy-cane out of your stake.

This is a terrible misleading set of instructions, and has led people to create some useless interesting pieces of rebar that are good for many things, EXCEPTactually inserting into the playa.

Your rebar should NOT look exactly like a candy cane!

If you look at the picture on the right, you can see a few different samples of rebar that we have seen in the wild.

  • A GOOD rebar will be 18-24 inches long
  • A GOOD rebar will have a 2-3 inch hook on it

Now, to get that thing into the ground

You need to think a tad about what is being attached to the rebar and apply a little bit of theory of how to angle your rebar/stakes into the ground. Here is a very old simple diagram that we did to explain this:

What this means is for higher angle ropes (like the GREEN one), you need to angle your rebar in more steeply. plan for at least 18“ INTO THE GROUND (so buy/cut 24” long pieces)


If you are too wimpy to bend you rebar by hand (it doesn’t take much effort), here is a drawing showing how one camper makes their “candy canes”