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Signups for Camping in our Burningman village this 2013.
We are now open for registering in the AEZ for the 2013 Burn!

If you want to get a space in the AEZ, keep reading, we’ve kept the on-line form that worked well in years past.

Signups will be online and not via the AEZ list.

We are asking for all camps to provide a list of everyone in their camp. (No, you don’t HAVE to, but then your campers will never get found by wandering friends , while camping you can enjoy online betting jackpot at here
We are going to have an area on what ever major corner we get for; Performances, Dances, Hoop Jams and such, that any camp in the AEZ can reserve for an event they want to sponsor, either a daily or one time event.
The form is part of a Google doc and it should just load in any browser, but if you are having problems, please contact the AEZ list

So now:

onto the signup form

And now that you have filled it out, I bet you want to see if it worked.

This is the link to the chart we use to map the village.

If you are on here, you are all set. (If not, email the AEZ list and ask for help. Please do NOT re-register.

AEZ sketch
And here are links to our Maps & camp-lists from the previous Years :
The AEZ 2009
That’s all folks! Back in 2000 it was just a bunch of wild kids!\

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